Become Team Member

We are looking forward to working with the most talented people that will make our vision come to life.

You will be working in a creative environment surrounded by committed individuals who are self driven and inspiring.

You will have the opportunity of developing meaningful innovative prevention and care programs for young children and girls.

At Traffic Stops Where Love Begins we are committed to support the professional growth of our team members. You will be exposed to other well established organizations and well connected individuals who may also help you advance in what ever professional path you wish to follow.



Part Time Grant Writer

A grant writer will be an important member of our organization, responsible for the development of grant proposals to foundations and other organizations in alignment with our cause. This person should be able to articulate and communicate with persuasion our vision and mission to potential funders and work closely with the Executive Director and the Program Manager of Traffic Stops Where Love Begins. We look forward to work with someone who enjoys the process of research, identification of potential funders and is responsible for proposals' submission in a timely manner.

We are looking for someone who.... 

  • Is curious and genuinely interested in our cause

  • Has a minimum of 2 years of writing experience

  • Is comfortable managing budgets and its language

  • Is a proficient writer with high analytical and research skills

  • Is computer literate

  • Is well organized person who can update and maintain master calendar of grant application and reporting deadlines

  • Maintains records in database and paper files, including grant tracking and reporting

  • Values and pays attention to details

Part Time Social Media Manager

As a not for profit organization, we are in the business of reaching out and interact with people in meaningful and creative way. It is our aim to provide contributors and those unfamiliar with the perils of modern-day slavery, a platform where they can meet, learn more about the cause, our upcoming programs, events, campaigns and opportunities to make a difference.

We are looking for someone who... 

  • Is an enthusiastic person with the initiative to create inspiring social media campaigns that promote our organization's brand

  • Has a minimum of 2 years experience in Graphic-Design, Copywriting, Adobe Photoshop and similar software, Photography, Video Editing and experience with marketing analytics tools

  • Has experience in marketing 

  • Creates content for mayor social media pages (e.g. videos/promos, photographs, event's activities and videos, inspirational blogs/videos etc.).

  • Makes at least 3-5 postings per week.

  • Creates copywriting content for website.

  • Maintains engagement with our community of supporters on social media platforms as a representative of Traffic Stops Where Love Begins, during an assigned event and campaign

  • Utilizes analytics to improve postings and increase social media following

  • Monitors social channels and respond to feedback, questions and concerns.


It is the spirit and enthusiasm of volunteers that make things happen! Their disposition to help and to contribute bring others together. They promote understanding and cohesion among different community groups placing them in a category of their own. Their value is undeniable! 

We are looking for someone who….

  • Shows initiative and enjoys working on creative projects

  • Is a problem solver, comfortable making decisions

  • Is comfortable sharing own ideas 

  • Is enthusiastic and resourceful

  • Is open to be guided by others

  • Is open to learning new skills

  • Has an adventurous heart to carry out meaningful roles that suit the person’s interests, skills and talents