Committed members making a difference.


Ground Team

Thanks to our supporters and volunteers, the ground team can work on the logistics and artistic aspects of our awareness campaigns, care programs and events.


Gloria Araya
Pari Nakrani


Caitlin Radtke          

Isabelle Gougenheim

Jeff McGinnis

Lise McKean




Luisa Cardona             

Ian Quinlan                         

Julie Brown                                             



Senior Leadership

Committed to fulfill Traffic Stops Where Love Begins vision to see every woman, man and child in the world free to thrive.


Gloria Araya
Founder & Executive Director


Luisa Cardona                  Program Manager

Roger Weissberg
Vice President


Mariann Pushner






Board of Advisors

Our Board of Advisors provide us with the strategic advice and creative input to achieve our organizational goals and objectives.


Gloria Araya
Ayun Movement



Roger Weissberg


Mariann Pushner